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The Tet Offensive and its impact on public opinion bewildered the White House. Groups such as the Black Panthers arose with the ideals to denounce major political parties and big business, and strove to "change the system".

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Problem between the two parts of Vietnam could not be resolved by military conflict with involvement of the USA Document E. As Robert Kennedy said in his speech, Americans misunderstood the very nature of the war.

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The experience of the Vietnam War called into question the ideals and values of the nation. Consequently, the anti-war stance became more pronounced as people disapproved of enrolling solely uneducated, low-income members of society Starr, In October ofthe national committee to end war mobilized 80, people in demonstrations across the nation.

The war abroad, brought on inflation and the rise of economic tensions throughout the nation. Even thought the Maddox sailed away unscathed by the incident, American leaders had no problem in using this as a motivation for serious action.

At home, the war had brought inflation, attacks on civil liberties, and retrenchment from reform programs. Because of the increasing struggles the United States were experiencing in the Vietnam War, political tensions intensified as it dragged on.

Thousands of young men also expressed their opposition to the war by fleeing the draft. As the war ground on to no discernable conclusion, the army grew troubled, and morale sagged.


Essentially, America's missions were counterproductive; rather than winning the war, they were molding an ever-growing population of anti-American peasants who gave secret aid to the Vietcong. In October of , the national committee to end war mobilized 80, people in demonstrations across the nation. Vietnam became another test in the containment of communism for the United States. In August of , an incident in the Gulf of Tonkin, off the coast of North Vietnam, led to accelerated American war making. In this massacre, American units, frustrated by their inability to pin down an elusive enemy, shot to death scores of unarmed women and children. Massive deficit spending to support both the Vietnam War and the Great Society had fueled the inflation. The study revealed that the government had consistently lied to the American people about the war. Not long after its formation, a new generation of radical feminists emerged which had a drastic impact in American life. Those who joined the New Left were united in their hatred of racism and the Vietnam War. He believed that the nation was sending the troops into a difficult situation, in which high casualties would occur Doc. Rock festivals became cultural happenings, the most famous of which was Woodstock. While war producing manufactures were thriving during the Vietnam War, economic tensions were becoming more and more severe.
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