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They may exhibit odd or ritualistic behaviors such as rocking back and forth or waving their hands. This paper will discuss the diagnosis and treatment of Autism, some major characteristics of children with Autism, and why this topic interests me. This developmental disorder, characterized by a range of deficits in different areas, is increasingly prevalent in society and in the media. These include genetic factors, environmental factors such as parents have a child at an older age, pregnancy or birth complications, and pregnancies spaced less than one year apart , and differences in brain biology and structure. Nobody fully understands how to treat or deal with Autism. See About IAN. Well the two of these questions might be linked together. One of the most common disorders that falls into the ASD category is autistic disorder. There is no known reason for the dramatic increase, but awareness may play a significant role. The CDC survey assigned a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder based on health and school records of 8 year olds in 14 communities throughout the U. Autism 's clinical name is Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is known to be four or five times more common in males than in females. Autism is a neurological disorder which means that it affects the functioning of the brain. It was later adopted by Dr. The conception and description of the disorder has evolved significantly over time leaving some philosophies once held with principle to later verify to be unproven.

This balance between excitatory and inhibitory synapses could be abnormal for establishing critical periods. Raining cats and dogs Autism is to be thought of as a spectrum, no two people with autism are the same as no two people without autism are the same.

Autism introduction essay

Research is starting to learn that people with autism spectrum disorders possibly share genetic traits with people with ADHD attention-deficit hyperactivity disorderbipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or depression As you peruse this website and other sources of information on autism, you will see how much has been discovered about autism spectrum disorder from research in a wide variety of fields, including genetics, neuroscience, and cognitive psychology.

But what does autism look like?

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Children receive more benefits from the intervention if their parents, guardians, or caregivers are involved How are the lives of adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder different than the lives of adults who do not have Autism If there is an early intervention of this disorder treatment can be manageable.

Questions have arisen concerning the behavior of elopement, running away, or bolting Take a second and imagine a life without social skills.

Autism introduction pdf

After being put in some uncomfortable situations during my volunteer work, I learned through the students how to feel compassion and recognize that autism is a problem society does not look at or take closely into consideration. I learned a lot from my experiences at Cypress, and got to know the students pretty well. According to Senator Menendez, this act has never received a rejection during the implementation of the passing of this bill, continuous unanimous votes were maintained throughout the development Autism Votes: An Autism Speaks Initiative, This can be quite challenging for many people. Laura had lost her words. All these disorders are characterized by varying degrees of impairment in communication skills, social interactions, and restricted, repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior. However, Autism was introduced in the s autism was first described in the s. This report will consist of both my personal experience with my younger brother who lives with Autism as well as important details about Autism Spectrum Disorder. Although everyone diagnosed with a disorder under the Autism Spectrum umbrella will have some of the following characteristics, children with autism are the most impaired Autism affects 1. In fact, Autism takes pride in the ability to infiltrate a child's life, while leaving him or her strikingly handsome. Every individual on the autism spectrum will have some degree of deficit within the two core symptoms of social communication skills and behavioural patterns

Autism spectrum disorders describe the brain development disorders and encompass Asperger syndrome, autism, and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified PDD-NOS disorders. This paper incorporates the research of various studies in accordance to the distinguished disorder known as Autism.

The purpose of this paper an ongoing study into the world of Autism. This will help children have a more successful future and learn appropriate behaviors in multiple different settings.

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