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He is Lily's ex-boyfriend, but they have stayed in touch despite their breakup. It was once in a blue moon that she would smile during a preview. James, another gay man at Runway who works at the beauty department. If so, which character fulfills the requirements for each role? However, when they make mistakes, they can be scolded or even dismissed. All the employees have to abide by her decisions, including Nigel, the art direct. Nonetheless, if Andrea would not join, Miranda would assume that she took nothing seriously about her future at Runway or at other magazines. For example, she took her job with her in every minute and was enthusiastic every time when she got a phone call from Miranda. He liked to read Runway at night by hiding because he was a boy.

Moreover, she tried to convince her father that in spite of low pay job, it was a great step to get closer to her dream job because she would have a chance to go to the fashion event of the year in Paris, where she could meet all editors and writers from every magazine. She does and learns that Lily is comatose after driving drunk and wrecking a car.

Lily Goodwin, a free-spirited graduate student in Russian literature at Columbia with curly black hair.

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How is each of the following similar or different? The star of the movie is Andrea Sachs, played by Anne Hathaway. At a celebrity party, Andrea meets Christian Collinsworth, a charismatic Yale graduate who is considered one of the hot, new up-and-coming writers of their generation.

She and Andrea have a conflicted relationship. After the party, Miranda had a chance to talk with Andrea.

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Do you see similar archetypal roles? Especially, the way that Miranda communicated with her assistant.

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She refuses to comply with Miranda's latest outrageous request, and when Miranda scolds her publicly, Andrea replies, " Fuck youMiranda.

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After graduating from Brown University and traveling Europe for the summer, Andrea returns home and looks for a job while staying with her friend Lily in New York. Miranda Priestly is from the upper strata as evident in the designer clothes that she wears. He gave her point of view that she might forget the first feeling, she ever hated Runway and Miranda and she was never interested in fashion though at this time she became one of them. If Miranda had one nod, it meant good. Andrea receives a call from Elias Clark, a major magazine publisher and is surprised to find that they have read her resume and would like to speak with her about a position they have available. Unfortunately, Andrea had to go to the benefit night instead of her boyfriend birthday party because Emily got sick, so Miranda wanted Andrea to help her. Priestly ' wardrobe is one way to maintain her occupational identity as the editor of a famous fashion magazine. Accordingly, she had to adjust her attitude, behavior and style to the organization for gaining more acceptant. I am writing this report based on the film: The Devil Wears Prada , particularly observing the main character with evident traits of being a leader, named: Miranda Priestly Meryl Streep. Related Papers. She decides early in her endeavor that in order to perform her job, she does not need recognition. Members of a subculture will often be identified through their use of style. Andrea is not only her assistance but also her personally servant to buy food or drinks and even do the scientific exercises for her daughters. Andrea receives a call from Elias Clark, a major magazine publisher and is surprised to find that they have read her resume and would like to speak with her about a position they have available.

She works on short fiction and finances her unemployment with profits made from reselling the designer clothing she was provided for her Paris trip. But, is the book always better than the movie?

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