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Manifesto of Observatoire de la Finance.

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The proponents of a paradigm shift question the rational-maximizer assumption that underlies the modern financial-economic theory and reject the idea that all human actions are motivated by self-interest. In Toshiba overstated its profits by more than 1. We conclude by suggesting further research for a better integration of technical aspects of accounting and finances into business activity—human activity actually—and an for understanding of ethics not limited to rules, but as a mutual and interdependent system of values human goodsvirtues and principles.

Finance and accounting are important functions for the management of any firm. Cambridge University Press Abstract Ethics and Finance: An Introduction provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the ethical issues raised by modern finance. References 2. Accounting and finances need ethical rules, but are rules enough?

It is in charge of implementing federal securities laws, and, as such, it sets up rules and regulations for the proper conduct of professionals operating within its regulatory jurisdiction.

Accounting Forum, 39 3— Ethics and Agency Theory: An Introduction.

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Human foundations of management. It is not tied, as goods and services are, to the context of a community, and since moral values are essentially community values — indeed, they are what hold communities together — money eludes them.

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John Hendry, Ethics and Finance: An Introduction