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The focus in Leading edge would be two fold, One, a continued excellence in training in all fields currently being covered by the Training division, and Two, the growth of Linux support and Linux projects to service the needs of an industry growing more and more tired of mediocre software and systems from the proprietary vendors, and the lock in created by such.

Click here to download our letter of accreditation. As we did in the past, we believe that Linux can provide businesses and the community with reliable IT solutions without the fetters of expensive and restricting licence agreements, and We are still committed to promoting the benefits of using Linux to the business community.

Towards the end ofThe decision was taken by the directors of Intoweb Design, that the 2 companies should once again walk separate paths.

Part-time and full time study available for selected courses. The model has four stages : Pre-Assessment and consulting, Priming and framing, face to face instruction, Post Assessment and spaced repetition.

The service excellence in the field of Linux support expanded into the field of web hosting, where high end web and mail hosting was provided for clients, both on our own servers, and by rolling out solutions for them.

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Leading Training has been granted programme approval, number ETDPS for the following programmes: Conduct outcomes-based assessment Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies Leading Training has been granted programme approval from Services SETA for the delivery of the following learning programmes: National Certificate: Generic Management: General Management Explain fundamentals of project management Apply a range of project management tools and techniques Central Supplier Database number: MAAA We are passionate in our belief that Linux is an affordable and excellent alternative to proprietary server and desktop applications, and would like to see Linux becoming more of a key tool in the development of our future IT industry both in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

The Leading Edge Enhanced Learning Model combines a number of modes of learning over a period of time to ensure the maximum Return On Investment for the intervention. Tweets by ledgetraining Leading Training offers a large range of exciting short courses.

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Our vision was then to take Linux into the business sector as a viable and excellent alternative to proprietary brands.

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