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The uppermost Saffron colour symbolizes the devotion and renunciation. However, all these symbols were Hindu-centric and did not suggest unity with India's Muslim population. In July , the Government of India amended the code to allow some forms of usage. Flag code of India decides the use and display of national flag. The ratio of length and width of the Indian flag is Thesis charge controller. The national flag is hoisted on every national occasion by the government official however Indian citizens are also allowed to fly the national flag on some occasions.

Latest Posts. The resolution was approved unanimously. It is an important and integral part of the Republic of India.

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However, in the event of death of either the Head of the State or Head of the Government of a foreign country, the Indian Mission accredited to that country may fly the national flag at half-mast.

There are two kinds of khadi used: The first is the khadi-bunting which makes up the body of the flag, and the second is the khadi-duck, which is a beige-coloured cloth that holds the flag to the pole.

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Ashok Chakra indicates real victory of honesty and justice. National Flag is hoisted on the national occasions like Republic day, Independence day, etc.

It contains tricolour horizontal stripes of uppermost saffron, middle white and lowermost green.

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As a mark of respect to the flag, it should never be dipped to a person or thing, as opposed to regimental colours, organisational or institutional flags, which may be dipped as a mark of honour.

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