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For example, Several currents within FLO, and the larger movement of alternative trade organisations and advocates, promote the original ethos and principles of fair trade, which is centred on fostering solidarity, empowering small producers both economically and politically through collectives, and promoting higher standards of agro-ecology.

Can they contribute towards social justice objectives or strengthening democracy?

Social empowerment

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark of New Zealand, a country that also has a female prime minister today, told The Japan Times in an interview last year that Japan needs to think about how family-friendly the Diet can be. Access full text: available online Katito, G. Findings suggest that governments often become more capable, accountable and responsive when state-led reform to strengthen institutions of accountability and social mobilisation occur simultaneously. You should take your women along with you as comrades in every sphere of life. Through its research, the Citizenship DRC has collected evidence which shows that — even where formal mechanisms of accountability are weak — citizens can and do engage with states through collective action to create policy reforms. In what seems to be an interesting development in Japanese politics, a group of Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers, initiated by some who are mothers, established a parliamentary league in June calling for introduction of mandatory child care leave for male workers with a view to revising the child care and family care leave law in the future. For example, These 45 million people have big potential, not only economically but politically. It is a soft concept which can signify different things in varying and multiple contexts: thus it eludes a clear and concise definition. This study distils lessons learned by a handful of African civil society coalitions on the dynamics of demanding improved governance of governments that are often averse to governance reform. Of the literature that exists, the majority have been critical of such engagement. This paper, from the University of Los Angeles, provides an overview of issues and experiences with diverse forms of community participation in the provision of services. Tandon, R. Political empowerment is also about the capacity of smallholders to have a voice and to exert influence in the organisations that claim to represent them or speak on their behalf, whether such organisations be producer associations, NGOs or the growing array of private and multi-stakeholder standard-setting initiatives, associated with fair and ethical trade and CSR.

The lack of recognition of their contribution, mobility constraints, insufficient knowledge about opportunities, and the cultural view of women as low status dependants are major reasons for the low rate of women's participation in the formal sectors. Even the working conditions in the formal sectors of employment also discourage the participation of women.

Women's economic empowerment is inhibited due to lack of attention in policymaking and those eager resources granted. They also often lack bridging and linking social capital — in that they may not be connected to other groups unlike themselves or to the state.

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When women work in the house they are paid nothing and are taken for granted while if they perform such duties outside the house i. Access full text: available online How can service provision be designed and delivered in a way that ensures the opinions of the users, socially excluded groups and the voices of the poor are heard and represented?

Meanwhile, particularly in Latin America, national and regional producer associations have become stronger, gaining a more robust voice within FLO, and also reframing the meaning of fair trade. Political participation is the term that is much difficult to explain because it is used in broad meaning of administration today.

Political empowerment

Omvedt,pp. It is when groups connect with each other across communities and form networks or associations — eventually becoming large federations with a regional or national presence — that they begin to gain collective bargaining power and influence government decision making.

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There is no sanction anywhere for the deplorable condition in which our women have to live. Because of gendered behavioral expectations, women face different political challenges and opportunities than men.

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Political Empowerment