Reading writing and arithmetic victorian era

They would then stand in a corner for an hour or more.

mens education in victorian era

At the second command, they would copy sentences from the blackboard. The room is usually about 20 feet long by 10 broad, with a flat ceiling 10 or 11 feet high, imperfectly ventilated by means of openings high up in the wall, or perforated zinc tubes traversing the room from wall to wall, and opening outside.

It gives him the power to think rightly on all questions and to act rightly in all relationships…. At that time there was no understanding that some children had learning difficulties or learned more slowly, and teachers thought that these children were simply naughty or rebellious.

Arithmetic Long division and compound rules money. You can see in Sources 1 and 2 that the children wore uniforms, unusual in British schools of the period.

In those days, imagine walking to schools during winters without the comfort of heated cars.

Victorian school uniform

Most singing was taught by ear, and very few students learned how to read music. Tasmania was a multi-ethnic community with a large Catholic population, largely descended from Irish convicts. The cane was given on the hand or the bottom, or sometimes given across the back of the legs. During the Victorian era Dame schools became popular with some poorer families until government started to take responsibility for improving education. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Children who were slow at their lessons, or dumb, were made to wear a dunce's hat, a pointed hat with the letter D on it. Classes would take place in a room of her house. Victorian Child Punishment The Victorian teacher would use a cane to punish naughty children. Children who had been caned usually kept quiet about it because if their parents found out they would probably be punished again. Boys who attended the school were trained in a number of disciplines, including baking, printing and shoemaking, and some boys went on to work for the William Morris Company once they had left the school. Those who practice with the abacus can perform calculations faster than their electronic equivalent!

This started towards the end of the Victorian era. Other schools were managed by churches and charities. Although most of the Victorian school child's life was rather dull, the bright light was playtime.

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Victorian children's education facts. How were the teachers and schools?