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Jack and Rose come from two very different social classes but nothing stopped their love from blossoming. Too many to even remember. War or fantasy, we all need to escape reality sometime right?! And even the Disney princess films include messages of hope, overcoming adversity, and what it means to love. I will definitely have to pick it up for my girls to watch. The horrible death of over people onboard the ship as well as the efforts to save as many people as possible is what makes this movie amazing. The script, the music and camera angles were all on point and tell a story that is experienced today. Most of the scenery in the movie reminded me of a tropical rain forest except the rain forest literally jumps out at you. The ship was sailing from the south coast of England, heading to America. SungYou starts a topic, July, - Some movies are serious, designed to make the audience think. When they two love bird eventually get united, there are no lifeboats left on the ship and passengers are dying all around them. Are movie houses dead? In my opinion, watching films in cinemas is preferable to watching them at home because of the above reasons. Watching action films are also meaningful, for we can get visual impact. The use of transitions is especially fine: — One of the biggest factors that make me feel like watching films at cinemas is … — Besides a higher quality of the films, a second factor that makes me attached to cinemas is… These excellent transitions keep the reader on track, and give the feeling that the author is firmly in control of the material and the essay.

Therefore, serious movies make people have deep thoughts towards our lives and develop our mature thinking since they always give us moral lessons to learn.

Despite the racial attacks towards each other the minstrel shows was a blend of nock about comedy, lively music, and sophisticated elegance in which even to this day blacks and whites alike still continue to interpret and misinterpret each other all in the name entertainment and making people laugh But normally I don't see many movies.

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For now, theme and character are two of the most important literary components when it comes to considering film. Thus, I am convinced that action movies are worthy of watching. In conclusion, it is good to watch entertaining movies once in a while because they give us some happy moments, but we should try to watch serious movies since these movies are more interesting and they tell us realities of life.

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Each genre depicted life in the Great Depression in different yet similar ways. Seems a lot of us like Action and comedy films Science fiction and action movies For me, nothing is going to top Inception for a while yet what kind of a movie was it?

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While many people prefer to watch their movies on the big screen at the cinema, advancements in technology enable us to stream movies at home or on the go.

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